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February 29th to March 4th, 2004

I spent a few amazing days in Hong Kong with my friends Winnie and Amy. They were so wonderful.  They took me all over Hong Kong and Kowloon.  Winnie was in charge so the focus was less on sight seeing and more on hunting down the best tasting cuisine with the occasional shopping distraction.  Mere moments after we met up for the first time, Winnie took us on a hunt for red bean drink only to be slightly delayed by some purple baked sweet potatoes sold by a sidewalk vendor.  That evening we tasted some of the cities best Peking duck with Judy and Ivy, some high school friends of Winnie.  We followed dinner with drinks at one of the coolest bars in town located at the top of the Peninsula Hotel.  Everyone had a good time.  On my last day we had some blissful, melt in the mouth sushi from a little hole in the wall place down a small alley.  It had to be some of the best sushi I have ever experienced.

Amy and Winnie

Emerald Room, Peninsula

Winnie, Jason, Amy, and Judy

Just Finished the Peeking Duck

Night Market

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