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It is not the destination, but the journey that matters

Hello Friends, Family, and Visitors,

The purpose of this website is two fold: first, it provides me with an online forum to share with you some of the sights, sounds, and experiences I have encountered during my trip around the world; second, it acts as an electronic journal to help me remember my trip and collect my thoughts.  I plan on keeping it up to date as I go.  Even so, due to the unpredictable nature of my travels, there will be long delays between updates.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.

-Jason Dent

Please Note: Unless otherwise specified, I took all the pictures and videos.


27 July 2009
Current Adventure: Startup

I started my own company to hold my ideas and product creations.  My main interest has been with mobile devices.  I got a bit geeky and toyed with PDA's and GPS's.  I made a mapping program for people on the go.  Just take a picture of a map, click on the your are here point.  Walk to the next landmark and click on it and away you go.

When the iPhone came out, I drop the windows mobile environment and switch to the apple.  In the switch I decided to try my had at web development.  So I created a Dutch to English dictionary for people who want to learn Dutch.  You can find it here: Street Dutch.  As it so happened, I met another guy in Haarlem that developed an online dictionary.  We made an agreement and I created Mobile Glot an online translation dictionary.

Mobile Glot is designed to be easy to use.  I made it simple and powerful.  Nearly everything is a click away.  It looks best on the iPhone, but works just fine on xHTML phones or even your desktop browser.

I use it when reading the Dutch newspapers.  It is great for words I don't know.  It has some mistakes in the data, but overall, it is a great help.

My next task it to port it to an iPhone native application.


27 July 2009
Current Adventure: Fatherhood

It has now been 2.5 years since I became a father.  I love it.  It has been a most amazing experience.  Ryan is a great kid.  He shows me the joys in life.  I love watching him and the other kids play together.  They are so total in what they do.  It is amazing.

Next Adventure: Fatherhood
When: As of December 10th, 2006
Current Location: Haarlem, Netherlands

Less than two weeks into December, my life took on a whole new meaning: Ryan was born and I became a father.  I am still not used to the whole idea that I am a father. 

It is a relief that he is here.  Before he was born, it was hard to plan for anything.  Simple questions like, "should we visit friends for Christmas dinner?"  Were hard to answer.  I had no idea what my life would be like.  So, it was a big relief for him to show up.  Now it is clear.  When he cries, I pick him up.  When he is hungry, I give him to his mom.  Christmas with friends, no problem, just remember to pack the diapers.

- Jason 
3 January 2007

Last Adventure: Europe
When: June & July 2006
Location: Haarlem, Netherlands

Tomorrow I am off to Bratislava, Slovakia.  It has been almost exactly a year since I was there last.  For most of the past year I was a student at the Humaniversity in Egmond aan Zee in the Netherlands.  A few months ago I completed their one year foundation program.  I found it amazing, intense, excited, and challenging.  The regular morning exercise and vegetarian food help me drop a lot of excess weight.  The weekend workshops helped me in working with people.  The student program showed me what it takes to make deep lasting friendships.

13 June -- Fly to Bratislava
14 June -- Visit friends in Vienna
15 June -- Back in Bratislava
21 June -- Fly back to Amsterdam

- Jason 
12 June 2006

Little Boy, Nepal

Small Village, Nepal

Above Gorak Shep, Nepal

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