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January 2004 

Just a few of the wonderful people I met in Sydney 

Lovely Laura and Gallant Grace were the first two friends I made in Sydney.  They had arrived just days before me from England on six month working visas.  Laura quickly scored a job as a waitress in a restaurant under the Harbor Bridge.  Grace worked on her upper body strength by scooping ice-cream at one of the many tasty gelato stands.

Grace, Jason, and Laura at the Opera Bar

Laura and Grace

Jason, Grace, and Laura at the All Night Cafe

Havoc at the All Night Cafe

Grace and I at the kids park

Evil Clown at the Luna Park Entrance

Feet People

I met Ingrid at the Landmark Advanced Course.  She was kind enough to invite me out for drinks with her friends and show me around Bondi.

Jason and Ingrid

Ingrid and Friends

Group Shot

Another person I met at the Landmark Advanced Course.  She is focused on bringing better health care to the women of Africa.  In her words:

The project will focus on a beneficiary community in an African country, Uganda Or Ethiopia Yet to be finalised.

The aim is to increase the access of medical management to poor women who are suffering from post-natal incontinence due to difficult pregnancy that had late medical attention.

You see over there women can spend up to 5 days in squatting positions trying to deliver a baby with a difficulty , that here in the 1st world countries the women just have a caesarean operation and hence the baby is saved and the mother does not suffer post natal traumas.  Over there in countries where medical access is limited to major cities and mainly to rich people, well buy the time these women get to hospital they would of already developed a huge hole between the bladder and the other organ that they suffer incontinence in a severe way. Of course meanwhile the poor baby is dead before even breathing one drop of o2. The baby is born dead which is surely devastating for the mother.

There is an operation that can be done to fix the problem of incontinence, but who will take next to nothing in wage to work with these poor women, well most doctors study their butt off and pay huge fees for uni, so I guess they feel it is about time they made some money, therefore not many surgeons would want to specialise with such techniques.  So I am thinking can Australia or other 1st world country sponsor poor smart med graduate to specialise in such technique on the condition they work with the poor society over in those country.... I also thought of raising money to buy a specialised equipment to make the whole operation easier so surgeons will have the proper environment to work in, My role as a physiotherapist would be to dedicate and volunteer my holiday time over xmas and the new years to teach physios and other lay people if necessary the specific and appropriate exercises and care? management these women should receive post-natal which is not present so much at present, I guess because it is regarded as pampering and not budgeted for... It is off course significant and necessary to post operative management rather than merely pampering.

Nour and Jason


Frenchman and Nour

Nour and Big Buddha

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